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Bee removal from a bathroom vent.
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The Bee Guys also remove:

*Yellow Jackets
*Carpenter Bees

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About Us

Why Choose The Bee Guys?
  1. We are bee removal specialists.
  2. Sixteen years of bee removal experience.
  3. We remove swarms and exterior hives live.
  4. We are a licensed general contractor.
  5. Interior hive removals may require repairs to your roofing, stucco, siding or drywall.
  6. After building homes like yours for over twenty years, we are the best choice for repairing them.
  7. We are bonded and insured.
  8. Beware of estimates! An estimate is just a guess and the final price may be significantly higher.
  9. The Bee Guys give you a set price before we start and honor that price.

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